Future Plans

Kutchh district is known for irregular rains. Sometimes it has seen floods and some time draughts. Moreover, frequent small earthquakes keep trebling earth of Kutchh. Due to industrial revolution in Agriculture and Farming, Bulls have lost their religious as well as commercial relevance and people keep ignoring and even deserting them.

Such old age, deserted, sick, ignored and weak animals are left by people. These animals if not taken care by various panjrapod are either dragged to slaughter house or are left to die.

Number of these animals keep increasing and trust tries to build more and more shelter for them, which require funds. Further, some part of panjrapod is still not having adequate roofs and surrounding walls and when cattle numbers exceed beyond a limit, some of the animals are to be kept in open, which affects their health.

Due to frequent draught like situations, cost of grass, weeds and other cattle feeds has increased substantially, which again affects Trust purchasing power. Trust wants to build adequate resources to buy, maintain and store adequate stock of cattle feed to take care of flood and draught like situations.